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Meet the Founder, Catherine Hall
Catherine Hall


The MacInnes Group Seniors Support & Contracting Inc.

Catherine Hall is responsible for the ongoing operations and management at The

MacInnes Group. Catherine provides estimates and works with the crew to ensure

that all jobs are completed accurately from start to finish. Catherine works directly

with homeowners, property managers and board members to ensure The MacInnes

Group remains competitive, provides quick estimates and completes work orders in

a timely manner.

After graduating from Sheridan, McMaster and CDI, Catherine became a law clerk

but her personality and active nature led her into sales and marketing. Working in

the retirement industry for 4 years and understanding the strong desire for seniors

to remain in their homes, inspired Catherine to begin The MacInnes Group Seniors

Support and Contracting Inc.

Catherine is a mother of two incredible children that she loves with all her heart. Growing up with an older brother, Catherine has been very competitive her whole life which positively shines through in business and her participation in various sports and activities.  With her mother a teacher and her father in sales/service, Catherine inherited a passion for learning, meeting new people and helping others.  Catherine was close with her grandparents and helped look after them in their later years.  With growing up every summer at her childhood cottage, the beach is her favourite place to be.  In her free time, Catherine loves to paint and draw and do anything creative.  She loves the famous quote by Danny Kaye: "Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can on it.

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